Our Services

We Offer Real Estate Valuation and Consulting Services supporting the Accounting, Legal, and Financial Services Professions.

The Austin McGuire Company’s skill sets are uniquely qualified to service the needs of most debt and equity real estate participants and their advisors. We provide an accurate picture of the impact a real estate problem will have on the physical, financial and ownership structure of a given property or portfolio of properties.

Tax & Financial Accounting (Corporate Services for FASB 141 and 142 Compliance)

AMC professionals have performed over 350 allocation of purchase price engagements (now know as FASB 141) since 1990. These engagements have included some of the most notable in there respective industries.

This unique skill set, developed over a combined 10 year period as part of the business valuation team at a big 4 accounting firm, allows the AMC team to work seamlessly with their Business Valuation and Machinery & Equipment Valuation colleagues to provide clients with high quality, cost effect allocation services.
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Banking Services

From New York City to New Haven Connecticut, AMC offers full real estate appraisal services for banks and lending institutions. Utilizing the latest in technology coupled with market insight AMC provides the level of detail that we (as investors) would like to see… enabling our clients to make fully informed decisions.
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Litigation Services

Real estate litigation usually involves a perceived diminution of value due to some impairment of the bundle of rights associated with a given property. The AMC principals regularly provide expert witness testimony regarding the impact to the bundle of rights. We have consistently been praised for making the difficult concept of impairment to the bundle of rights understandable and meaningful to jurors. Please contact us for a list of litigation attorney references.
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Owner-Investor Services

The essential key to success in real estate investing is to understand value. Once value is understood, in all its complexities, successful investors can begin to manipulate the physical, financial, and ownership structures that impact value to the investor.

AMC professionals have the tools and skills to assist you in understanding the complexities of value and how change to any of the three elements (physical, financial, and ownership structure) can effect that investment.
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