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Navigating the Built Environment

Attorneys & Litigation

AMC Professionals thrive at this end of the spectrum.   Why? Because a true professional knows when they are ready to play at this level.


AMC professionals are equipped with the most comprehensive databases, search engines, and systems available to render accurate, empirically supported valuation reports. To this we add our market insight based on years of experience in may aspects of real estate beyond pure appraisal. This helps us clearly identify and understand the essence of each property under litigation and how it links to its environment. This includes a complete understanding of which elements of the bundle of rights are being impacted, and how. Then we look at the significant demand drivers impacting the property’s marketplace both today and in the future, and how those reflect on, or impact the bundle of rights.


Litigation attorneys tell us they enjoy the process of working with AMC professionals because of the breadth of knowledge we possess and our ability to make it readily understood by the lay-person. This provides them with the confidence that AMC professionals can transmit, under oath, complex valuation concepts in a humble yet authoritative manor. 

Landmark Decision- Inverse Condemnation

Robert Barton v. City of Norwalk (SC19671)

In this landmark case, The Austin McGuire Company was instrumental in demonstrating the detrimental impact to a building's value if access to parking was removed.

"Ultimately, the trial court credited McGuire's Testimony and found that his analysis provided a determination of the damage done to only [the subject property]."

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