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Commercial Brokerage

Austin McGuire Real Estate Advisors is our Commercial Brokerage practice. We empower informed real estate decisions through the listing of properties to sell, and as a client representative in the purchase or leasing of properties. A property-related decision made without understanding current trends in a market can have devastating consequences for your business and your employees. The brokers at Austin McGuire REA have years of experience dealing with corporate real estate transactions. As a broker representative, we can offer you a strategic plan for your next investment based on sound research, and talented negotiating skills. 




Everyday, you have four options for every property you own: 


Hold and do Nothing - Reposition - Refinance - or Sell

The Question Is- What gives you the best return, both before and after taxes? Which meets your near and long-term goals?


AMC for the investor is the distillation of everything we do every day. As real estate appraisers we are constantly analyzing the world's largest and most inefficient asset class- real estate. Within the inefficiencies of the real estate market lie the potential for huge gains, or huge losses.


Understanding and isolating those elements that will directly impact a given property is the strong suite of AMC professionals. This skill underscores our appraisal process, is evident in our litigation work, and culminates here with our professional advice to investors. 


Working with the investor pulls all our collective skill sets together in the focused manor to maximize value to a specific investor with a specific investment horizon, whether it is a year or a lifetime. 

Our Tools 

Property Tax Appeal and Expert Witness Testimony 


Before-and-After Tax Return Analyses on Complex Commercial Properties relative to the four options (hold, re-position, refinance, sell)


Micro and Macro Market Studies using the most current and sophisticated databases available


Cost/Benefit Analysis and Capture Analysis


Valuation of Full or Partial Ownership Interests


Acquisition and Disposition Strategy


Buy vs. Lease Analysis


Feasibility Studies 

Brokerage Services

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